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10 March 2018   


Your member photo in the May South Atlantic Chronicle


Please send to the Editor of the Chronicle a photo of you which showing 2 of your hobbies.

The photo may look funny.

The deadline: 15 March 2018




31 December 2017   


We are able to accept credit card payments


.... you do not need to open a PayPal account for your payments to SHATPS.

If you use the yellow BUY NOW button on our Membership page you can decide to pay with PayPal - or with your credit card. You have to enter your credit card data in the online form and our PayPal Agent Ted Cookson will receive your payment via PayPal.

A great improvement for all members who are not willing to open a PayPal account.


The 2018 membership fees are due at 1st January 2018. If not already done, please send your subscription dues now - many thanks!




16 December 2017    


November issue of the South Atlantic Chronicle


Here the results of the 2017 SHATPS Election:


35 members voted until December 15th, 2017:


... for President Dr. Everett L. Parker: 35

... for Vice President Ray Lloyd: 35

... for Secretary Klaus Hahn: 34

... for Treasurer Bruce L. Petersen: 35


... for Director-at-Large

    - Francois Friend: 33

    - Alan Squires: 34

    - Dr. John Woolven-Allen: 33

    - Mike Faulds: 34

    - Huw Avon: 33


The result: All nominees are confirmed for the term 2018/19.



 25 September 2017   


Tristan da Cunha fake cover?


In the Agryll Etkin philatelic auction at 29th September 2017 a Tristan da Cunha WW2 censored cover is offered (first bid £200).

At the time when the tombstone censor marking was applied (20th September 1940) the handstamp was already removed from the island by Rev. Wilde. Probably Harold Wilde used the Tristan handstamp onboard a warship on his way home.

Maybe it's a private used cancellation of the TdC type V cachet or a complete fake cover. But - this cover was never on Tristan da Cunha and the lot description is wrong: "A scarce commercial WW2 period censored Tristan da Cunha cover." It seems it's only a Tristan cover in a wider sense, nevertheless the cover belongs, if it's not a fake, to the Tristan da Cunha postal history.






New SHATPS publication now available


The new SHATPS book "Tristan da Cunha - A Listing of Ships' Visits Between 1901-2016" is now available and details of how to buy it are published on the page Society publications.






SHATPS Facebook group



All friends and members of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic society are cordially invited to join our Facebook group, originally founded by our late member Barbara Kuchau and now moderated by our member Joseph Frasketi.

Actually we have 76 members with a great number of non-members.


On the group page you find news and interesting stories round our 3 islands with some beautiful photos and videos. Come and enjoy!







Access to "Download" page SHATPS members only


The webmaster installed a new username and password for the access to the page SHATPS members only.

If you want to know the access data, please write to the webmaster





Tristan da Cunha - change of registration labels


Perhaps you wondered about Tristan da Cunha registered mail in the past weeks? No Tristan R-label but instead a GB R-label? What happened?

The Postmistress of the Trista da Cunha Post Office Iris Green told that the ISO-code "TA" has gone to "SH". Until this matter is sorted they are using U.K. labels.










This software has now been updated and the availability of articles now runs to the issue of November 2015. The software is available as a two-DVD set, and can be ordered from our Secretary, Klaus Hahn, and will be distributed by Ted Cookson. The software is extremely simple to use, and will run on any Windows PC using Windows Vista, or Windows 7 onwards: it has also been used on an Apple Mac in Windows emulation mode.

For existing users of the software, the new version can be had for the cost of postage only: you will receive the two DVD’s and will need to uninstall the previous version and install the new version instead.
For new users, the full set will cost US35.00 for members, and US$55.00 for non-members, plus postage.

To order, please go to Society publications where you can see the shipping fees.



14 June 2016


New A.L. Innes booklet available


Our member and Boer War specialist Robin Woodruff has published a new booklet. If you are interested, you are warmly invited to order his publication.


Robin told us:

"My publication "A.L.Innes, Freemason, Photographer and Publisher, St Helena" is complete and ready to print once I get to the office on Thursday. 



It is an A4,  24pp booklet in full colour throughout and covers how I came across a photograph album of some 98 Innes photos of the Boer Officers and men, the POW's, personalities, buildings, scenes of the Island landscape etc bound in, plus 2 loose photos of the Members and Guests of St Helena Lodge 488 circa 1900, My research of these and Innes's Masonic record. 


This is followed by a comparison original images and some of the Post Cards he published from these images plus some additional Studio photos, one of shop and details of a piece of Postal history. His departure and information about the gentleman who ran his shop after he left and an image of his camera that is in my collection. Ending with a postal cover from Canada and 2 PPC's in Full Colour also produced by him."


The price for the Innes booklet: 7 £ + shipping


You can order the booklet from Robin: waldmeister1 (at) aol.com









6 May 2016      


on-line order form and shipping fees see below



Members who feel able to make a donation can forward their contribution via our PayPal account. Cheques should be made out to the society and posted to our Treasurer. Donations of any amount are welcome, and, as an incentive, any member contributing more than US$100 to the fund will be eligible for a copy of the book and free shipping - a great bonus and a saving of about $50.  


Shipping fees for the new 40th Anniversary Book: 

US$ 3.50 for postage U.S.A.

US$ 7.00 for postage Canada

US$ 8.00 for postage Germany

US$ 13.50 for international postage outside U.S.A. and Canada

>>> if paying with PayPal please add US$ 2.50


CMS Frog

If the form will not work, please generate and enter a new security code (= Neues Bild) and click SUBMIT again. Otherwise please send your order to the webmaster




28 September 2014


St. Helena Postal History 1677 - 1937


Please enjoy the St. Helena exhibition of our member Stefan Heijtz (19 MB PDF-file) - an accumulation of finest St. Helena postal history.





Michael D. Mueller's Powerpoint presentation from London 2010 available on line


Michael D. Mueller's PowerPoint talk,


"Eight Months on St. Helena, Three Weeks on Ascension, and Fifteen Days on Tristan da Cunha,"

is available online as an audio track and as an audio-visual Flash presentation. Mike's talk was delivered at the second international meeting of the St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society at the Hilton London Islington Hotel in London, England on May 13, 2010.
To enjoy this talk, click here. 




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