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19 June 2024

The Cumulative Index of Articles, provided by our Secretary John Coyle, is not new.
What is new, however, is that most articles can now be displayed and read directly.
The webmaster has therefore moved this option to the password-protected "SHATPS members only" page.
Use this opportunity to search for and read articles from the last 48 years. This is a fantastic research opportunity!

22nd April 2024

Our last President Ray Lloyd received the Dr. Russell V. Skavaril Award for Ourtstanding Service 2024

5th March 2024

Important for UK members:

Sending renewal cheques to Ray Lloyd is no longer possible with immediate effect.

24th February 2024

Grosvenor Auction Mar 13, 2024 with St. Helena, Ascension & TdC

Please note the Grosvenor Auction with the South Atlantic collection of our member Mike Brown with some very rare pieces:

23rd February 2024

You want to hear the sound of St. Helena?

Listen to Saint FM, the SH radio:

24th January 2024

Winner of the South Atlantic Chronicle Award 2023

The winner of the South Atlantic Chronicle Award 2023 is our member Neil Robson. Congratulations on winning the award.

24th November

Uncertainty for the stamps of British Overseas Territories as Pobjoy Mint announces closure

The Managing Director oft he privately owned Pobjoy Mint, Taya Pobjoy, has announced that the business will close at the end of 2023.
The company has manufactured official currency and commemorative coins for British Territories since 1965. In 2004, as an extension of its numismatic business, Pobjoy Mint also became involved in the design, production and sale of new issue stamps for several British Overseas Territories. The mint is currently responsible fort he issues of Ascenion Island, Bahamas, British Antarctic Territories, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, Tristan da Cunha and British Virgin Islands.
Pobjoy Mint Stamps cease sales with effect from 31 October 2023. As of yet there has been no announcement about what arrangements that the indiviual territories will be making for future sales.

(Gibbons Stamps Monthly December 2023)

26th September

Election of Board Members 2023

The following nominations for executive officer positions and of the Directors-at-Large have been received:

President                                         Mike Faulds
Vice-President                                Klaus Hahn
Treasurer (continues by default)  Bruce Petersen
Secretary (continues by default)  John Coyle
Directors at Large                          Tom Bowman, Richard Hewitt, Lee Bryant,                                                                                            Alistair Burrow, John Laurie

As there are no alternative nominations for any position, and as the number of nominations meets the requirements of the Constitution of the society for the structure and numbers of the board, there is no requirement for members to vote, and all nominees are therefore considered to be elected by default.

The term of office of those elected begins on 1 January 2024.

16th August

The South Atlantic Chronicle article Operation Argus of February 2012 is published now and accessible to all users of our homepage.

15th August

The page St. Helena - Jackson PPCs is now accessible for SHATPS members. You will find the page under SHATPS MEMBERS ONLY

9th August:

The page St. Helena - Innes PPCs is now accessible for SHATPS members. You will find the page under SHATPS MEMBERS ONLY

8th August:

The page Tristan da Cunha - Volcano Period is now accessible for SHATPS members. In the homepage overview you will find the page under SHATPS MEMBERS ONLY

6th August:

The photo gallery is now accessible. If you have interesting photos of our islands and would like to make them available for the homepage, please send them to

4th August:
The expansion of our website is progressing. More and more pages of interesting information are being added. As this content is very specific to individual collecting topics, it will be published on pages accessible only to members of the Society..

Tristan cancellations and Tristan WWII covers and letters are already available in the SHATPS MEMBERS ONLY section. This will soon be followed by the postal history of Tristan's Vulcano period and St Helena.

The SALES & WANTS page is also ready to allow our members to look for and/or sell philatelic material. This page will then also be password protected and only accessible to our members.

One of our aims is to help members of the Society to acquire and/or dispose of philatelic or philatelically related items.

You can use the Sales & Wants page for this purpose. What is needed for the webmaster?
A picture, a short description of the item for sale, the price you are looking for and a contact e-mail address.

Or, if you are looking for an item, the description and your contact email address.

If you are a SHATPS member, it is even more important that you generate your username and password if you are interested in the content of this homepage, a process you only need to do once to access the password protected pages.

If the invitation you received about 2 weeks ago is no longer valid, simply request a new invitation to generate your password from Instructions for the generation of your username and password can be found at the bottom of the MEMBERSHIP page.