St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Philatelic Society

SHATPS - the little society with the big name

SIGs - Special Interest Groups


  • - Are you collecting a special topic?
  • - From time to time do you feel like you want to ask like-minded members and specialists for help?
  • - Do you enjoy getting in touch with other members to discuss news and research involving your speciality?

Then you should be very much encouraged to join one or more of our SIGs.
Read all about the Special Interest Groups and please decide if you want to participate.


A list of names. The names are of people who have similar collecting (or other type of) interest as you. Everyone in a SIG is, of course, a member of SHATPS.  SIG members pay no additional dues. They can “opt out” of their SIG at any time if they don’t want to be helped to connect with other similarly-minded society members, or if they are averse to helping to create one article per year. No-one is “forced” to join a SIG; joining a SIG really doesn’t “force” you to do anything. 

A SIG leader can ask, but cannot compel you, to help in writing an article. That is, you can decide to remain in a SIG and never lend a hand in co-authoring anything! But naturally we hope everyone will be “good citizens” and will do their part, however small it might be, to add something to an article once per year from their group.
We hope some active SIGs will want to contribute more than one article per year, if there is something worthy of note to write and contribute. Obviously submissions to SAC will continue to flow in through the usual manner directly to the Editor, whether or not they are “SIG Contributions”. One thing the Editor may elect to do (if he likes our suggestion) is to identify by a small notation, or symbol, perhaps somewhere on the heading, that a give article is a “SIG Contribution”, as distinct from the routine sort of submission all other authors voluntarily send in as they are ordinarily inclined to do.  

  • Please fill-out the on-line form below if you want to belong to any SIG(s).
  • If you've already done the above, you'll have gotten access to the password-protected page, SIG members only of the Website where the SIGs are listed and this list will include your name and e-mail address (if you've permitted us to reveal it).
  • All members of a SIG are connected by a special e-mail address, enabling them to easily contact other group members.

For general feedback on SIGs, please write or e-mail to Klaus Hahn: sigs(at)

auswählen = please select

SH1 - Stamps, FDCs, events

SIG Leader e-mail

sh1leader (at)

SH2 - Postal history, other cancellations


SH3 - Forwarded mail, instr. markings, dep. cachets

sh3leader (at)

SH4 - Anglo Boer War

sh4leader (at)

SH5 - RMS, postal rates, local mail, literature


A1 - Stamps, FDCs, events


A2 - Postal history, US mail, literature, postal rates ...


TDC1 - Stamps, FDCs

tdc1leader (at)

TDC2 - postal history

tdc2leader (at)

TDC3 - Postcards, events

tdc3leader (at)

TDC4 - Forgeries, postal rates, literature, others


All Islands - WW2 mail, censored mail, Falkland conflict

allislesleader (at)

The TDC SIGS have set up a Zoom discussion group that usually meets monthly on the web. If you would like to take part in these interesting philatelic discussions, contact the TDC2 leader, Ray Lloyd, email: tdc2leader or use his private email address.

For contact to each SIG, please ask the competent SIG leader